For the Denton family, inheriting their father's parents' bed and breakfast cottage on Kineo in Moosehead Lake, Maine, was a blessing. From the moment they saw the majestic cliffs of Mount Kineo towering above the golf course from their cottage, they thought they had inherited paradise. On the boundary between the open wilderness of northern Maine and civilization to the south, it seemed the perfect place between two worlds to get away and heal from the recent death of Mr. Denton. What they didn't know was that the line between civilized and uncivilized isn't quite as clear as the line nature has drawn. Soon after their arrival, the secrets of the past begin to emerge, and the greed and inexplicable fires that had manifested throughout Kineo's mysterious history begins to repeat itself in a new cast of characters. As the intrigue rises, so too does the danger, and soon those that are willing to die to protect Kineo's secrets-and those willing to die to expose them-meet head-on. From the local inhabitants and Native Americans, to a class of university students and the Denton family themselves, nobody knows what will happen, who will survive, and whether Kineo's horrible secrets will ever be unleashed.
The Oak Lodge

Weekly Rental Lodge and Bed & Breakfast
Moosehead Lake, ME