Climb Kineo

We Will Help You See This!


If you would like to take a guided trip up Mt. Kineo, Karen, one of the owners of the Oak Lodge is a registered Maine Guide, has a degree in Biology and a culinary degree.  For $60 pp, children under 12 are $30 and under 3 are free, she will transport you across the lake, guide you up Mt. Kineo via the route of your choice, with water and snacks.  At the conclusion of the hike, you will come back to the historic lodge and be served a delicious lunch with a classic Maine whoopie pie (which you will have earned!) for dessert.    You can make reservations for this by calling Karen at 407 421-2640.  This is weather dependent.  Reservations will be cancelled if the weather is not advisable for hiking.

The Kate against the backdrop of the Indian Trail


A view of Mount Kineo from the town of Rockwood with the historic steamboat "The Kathadin" (the Kate) rolling by. The Indian Trial follows along the cliffs shown adjacent to the fir trees. The indigenous people used to come to this special place to mine the high quality rhyolite (the called flint) for arrow heads and other implements. 

The imposing cliffs of Kineo


But there is a safe but exciting way to climb this along a one mile trail called the "Indian Trail" or a less aggressive but less scenic trail called the "Bridal Trail". Both end up merging at the meadow with great views of Kineo prior to achieving the climax view at the summit with a 40 foot tall observation tower.